[Kuala Lumpur] Pig Out Cafe in Kelana Jaya

Pig Out Café is one of those neighbourhood eateries which you wish is in your own neighbourhood. Warm, hearty food which guarantees wholesome goodness, it’s a place which warrants not just a visit, but somewhere you’d want to go back again and again.

  1. The bacon-encrusted, egg-stuffed meatloaf is served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, slathered over with onion sauce. Hard to find dish in KL (or anywhere in Malaysia/Singapore, for that matter), and this one was done to perfection!

  1. POC Roast Pork, served with potatoes, carrot and apple sauce. Crisp, crackling skinned pork-belly cuts were amazingly addictive, and the apple sauce, which was more of a puree, was divine.

  1. Caesar salad with Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, egg and croutons, tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing. Generous amount of smoked bacon!

  2. Char-grilled marinated pork belly, served with sauteed vegetables and mashed potato. The pork belly was both fatty and very delicious.

  3. Warm brownie, with bacon bits embedded inside, served a la mode. Delish!

Overall, a comfy, laidback local diner which you feel like dropping in every other day for comfort food, done to homely, old-fashioned goodness.

Pig Out Café
A-G-3, Jalan SS 7/26
Selangor 47301
Tel: +60 16-232 9248
Operating hours: 12–3:30pm, 6–9:30pm daily, except Wed (closed)


Back at Pig Out Café again this evening, and had its Pork Stroganoff - my new fave item there :slight_smile:

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Looks like they serve pork in all types of cuisine! Interesting concept!

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Very inventive. I love this little café to bits.