[Kuala Lumpur] Pan-Malaysian cuisine at Cho Cha Foodstore.

Kuala Lumpur has always been behind trendsetting Penang and Ipoh when it comes to hip, edgy cafes and eateries. But the 3-week-old Cho Cha, occupying the site of a former brothel, Mah Lian Hotel, in the Petaling Street red-light district, hopes to give KL a push in the right direction and is currently pulling in the fashionista crowd with its pan-Malaysian cuisine, served in a post-industrial chic surroundings.

  1. Cho Cha occupies the site of a former brothel, Mah Lian Hotel, whose façade is faithfully retained by the architect-owner of the new restaurant.

  2. Cho Cha’s dining areas encompassed several areas of the former brothel.

  1. Crumbled cauliflower, shallots, curry leaves and daun kesom (Vietnamese mint).

  2. Overnight-brined roasted half-duck, with Szechuan pepper-star anise-black vinegar dip, mint salad, served with grilled banana leaf-wrapped sticky rice.

  3. Cincalok (fermented shrimp paste) fried chicken, served with pineapple-tomato salsa and tomato chutney.

  4. Biang biang-inspired noodles (house-made flat noodles, Szechuan chilli oil, mixed spice, toast peanuts, seasoned-soy vinaigrette).

Address: Cho Cha Foodstore, 156, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: +60 3-2022 1100.
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 10pm (Closed Mondays).