[Kuala Lumpur] Nasi Lemak Taman OUG (Overseas Union Garden)

This husband-and-wife team has been running their popular Nasi Lemak stall in Overseas Union Garden’s morning market (along Medan Hujan Rahmat) since the early-70s.
I think they’re often overlooked in any Nasi Lemak reviews because they run this very Malay-style food business in a largely Chinese area. Having tasted FriedChillies network’s top 10 Nasi Lemak in KL/Klang Valley, I have to say that the version here beats most of those top entries, taste-wise, hands-down!

  1. Nasi lemak with chicken curry, hard-boiled egg, crisp-fried groundnuts, ikan bilis (salted anchovies), cucumber and sambal - match made in heaven!

  2. Nasi lemak with beef rendang.

  3. They sell out two big wooden barrels of nasi lemak each morning!

  4. The couple’s nasi lemak comes with a choice of chicken curry, beef rendang, cuttlefish curry, peanuts, ikan bilis (crisp anchovies), hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs and spicy sambal relish.