[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] Recommendations needed

My partner has a multi-day meeting in KL in a couple of weeks. I cannot go along, unfortunately (this meeting is rescheduled from June 2020, when I was planning to!). The meeting is at the Convention Centre, and she will be staying at the Grand Hyatt there. She would need fairly quick lunches in the area, and would be willing to go a little farther afield in the evening. She’s an adventurous eater, but can deal with only modest spice-heat, and would highly prefer outdoor dining due to COVID. I think she’d prefer to focus on Malaysian food, both traditional and modern, but would consider other options. Thanks!

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There are good dining choices at a food court within the Convention Centre with different kiosks offering Malay, Chinese, South Indian, Middle-Eastern and other dining options. Also sandwich bars, etc.

JP Teres, a casual bistro within Grand Hyatt, also serves a good selection of Malay dishes. I’d not been back ever since the COVID pandemic lockdowns in 2020, but these were a couple of dishes I had at JP Teres before:
Roti canai

Chicken satay


Thanks, Peter. I remember appreciating your HK advice some years ago. It sounds like lunches are covered. Would it make sense for her to try an expedition to Jalan Alor? What mode of transport would you advise?

Visit Jalan Alor only if she’s really into street food. It’s actually just a 15-minute walk from her hotel, although taking Grab, the local equivalent of Uber, is better to beat the heat & humidity.

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