[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] Lunch options at Capital Cafe, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Capital Cafe is perhaps the last of its kind in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’a capital city. Established in 1956 by a Hockchew/Foochow family, it is currently run by the second-generation of the Lin clan. Through the decades of its existence, the cafe bore silent witness to the changes that KL underwent: the political upheavals, the race riots, street protests, etc.

  1. Hainanese fried noodles - this stall is run by an old Hainanese chef called Uncle Teng by everyone. He’s been frying his brand of noodles here for the past 44 years.

  1. Nasi Padang - this stall offering Indonesian-style rice with curries was founded back in 1962 by Sumateran émigré Wahab bin Amir, who’s of Minang descent. His son, Asril, now runs the business.

  1. Mamak/Indian-Muslim rojak and mee rebus - this stall situated at the front-centre of the cafe offers two types of Indian-Muslim snacks: the Indian rojak which is a selection of fritters, hard-boiled egg, shredded cucumbers and boiled potatoes, all smothered in a spicy sauce thickened with crushed peanuts; and mee rebus, which consisted of blanched yellow wheat noodles, garnished with fritters, hard-boiled egg, and fried tofu, slathered with a smooth, spicy sauce tinged with tomato sauce. Calamansi lime and cut red chilis are served on the side.

Indian-Muslim or Mamak rojak

Mee rebus

  1. Satay - flame-grilled skewers of either chicken or beef, served together with rice cakes (nasi himpit), and a thick , piquant peanut sauce. The version here is pretty good. The satay-man, Ramli Yusuff, 54, carried on a family trade started in 1960 by his wife’s grandfather.

  1. Beverages - The eldest of the Lin siblings, Lin Kee Hua, 73, prepares the traditional coffee, tea and other hot beverages, plus toasts and soft-boiled eggs.

Lin Kee Hua’s sister, Lin Boi Eng, 59, took care of the cash register at the counter.

One can spot a framed old menu, yellowed with age, dated 1956, on the wall near the counter.

Capital Cafe
213, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: 10.30am to 7.30pm Mon to Sat. Closed on Sundays.