[Kuala Lumpur] KL-style wantan noodles at Uncle Rich Kopitiam.

Breakfast this morning: KL-style wantan mee.

KL-style wantan mee has a softer texture than Penang-style wantan mee (which uses “lye water” to obtain a springier & chewier texture and closer to HK-style wantan mee). However, both KL & Penang wantan mee have the same kind of dark soysauce-sesame oil-lard dressing.

This wantan mee stall at Uncle Rich Kopitiam at Jalan Hujan Emas 8, Overseas Union Garden (off Old Klang Road) has been around since the 1970s, passed through 3 generations of the family who runs it, and still produces the same tastes and textures through the decades. I’d rank it among the top 3 wantan noodles I’d tasted in Kuala Lumpur in the past 5 years that I’m here. The wantan dumplings here have a delicious minced pork-shrimp filling. The “char siew” (caramelised BBQ pork) was smoky and packed full of flavours from its marinade.


I must admit I am usually a HK style wonton noodle kind of guy but one really can’t go wrong with this dressing, especially the lard. We’ll deal with the clogged arteries later!

Which are the other 2 in your top 3?

No. 2 is Ho Weng Kee at Hutong Lot 10 (http://www.chowhound.com/post/kuala-lumpur-ho-weng-kee-wanton-noodles-hutong-782533) , and No. 3 is Koon Kee at Petaling Street, KL Chinatown (http://www.chowhound.com/post/kuala-lumpur-chinatown-eats-781971).

P.S. - The hottest wantan noodle place in Kuala Lumpur currently is Chan Meng Kee in SS2 (Petaling Jaya). I’d not been there myself yet, but should rectify that pretty soon :wink: