[Kuala Lumpur] Jalan Alor at Bukit Bintang

This food street has been covered in various posts here in HO. Our dinner there, we mainly had barbecue.

We ate at Fat Brother Barbecue, big variety of seafood, meat and vegetables, we chose our skewers, and they delivered cooked.

Squids, intestines, eggplants, clams…

Soft shell crabs

Stuffed meat

Simple but delicious, we dipped with the sauces provided.

After this we had some Thai fried ice cream.

We brought back to hotel some bbq lamb late night, which was good.

And big error, we also bought some durian and mangosteen. The smell of durian was so strong that it woke me several times in the night… (yeah, we only noticed the sign in our hotel that both fruits were not allowed after we had eaten them.), it tasted much better than its smell.

Too bad that we had limited time in Kuala Lumpur, we would like to try other restaurants or stalls. Very lively area, we will return one day.


OK, “fried ice cream”? How does that work?

LOL, in fact the name fried ice cream is quite misleading, it is in fact a hand made ice cream made with an icy pan, during the process, the mixture is poured and it is instantly work on, chopping and stirring, mixing…and the final product is usually presented like as rolls. Popular in the South East Asia, especially in Thailand.

A video is best to explain this:

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Thanks. Fascinating stuff

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