[Kuala Lumpur] Donuts from OUG Morning Market

This tiny donut stall at the Overseas Union Garden (OUG) morning market first attracted my attention when Piemonte-based American food writer, Robyn Eckhardt (who writes food articles for New York Times, Saveur, Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast Traveller, among others) wrote in her blog Eating Asia about this woman who made the most amazing donuts she’d ever had.

The donutmaker, 68-year-old Madam Siew, has been making donuts, and only donuts, for the past 40-plus years here at the OUG morning market. She meticulously kneaded, hand-cut and deep-fry her donuts in batches of 9-10 at a time.

Mdm Siew’s daughter helps her by shaking the freshly fried donut in sugar.

Nothing beats a warm donut, eaten fresh. But Madam Siew’s donuts went beyond that - light & crisp on the outside, deliciously moist on the inside - we bought all of the first batch of nine that morning. If it hadn’t been for the myriad of other amazing eats at the OUG morning market, we’d have come back for more!



Tech problem, couldn’t see the first photo.

Thanks for highlighting the problem to me, naf. I tried re-loading the same picture from my computer hard-disk but the same problem occurred: the uploaded picture appeared then disappeared.

So, I had to obtain an original copy from my digital camera, and it seemed okay now. I’ve been working with computers since 1983 - 35 years now, and they still never fail to confound me every now & then. :joy:

Thx, now we have the complete picture :smile:. Sometimes it can be a problem on the server side, especially with corrupted cache files while uploading, nothing wrong with your file.

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It’s just such a rarity to see doughnuts that light. Just perfect with the crunchy sugar.

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