[Kuala Lumpur] Dinner at Bakar

The BIG Group’s foray into bbq continues to draw in the crowds at the Lorong Kurau dining precinct. Very narrow dining room, with spartan furnishings:

Menu is kept simple, with emphasis on the freshest quality ingredients. We started with the refreshing grilled watermelon salad, with pomegranate, mint leaves, cucumber and strawberry.

Another interesting starter was the Malaysian clambake, replete with lemongrass, garlic and chillis.

For mains, we had the rib-eye steak, with burnt onion puree providing the smokey sweetness which complemented the meat beautifully.

The other main course we had was the duck “confit”, albeit a grilled version which totally differed from our concept of the French-style slow-cooked then quick-baked version. Tasty nonetheless - again, grilled watermelon cubes made an appearance here, this time to offset the richness of the duck.

For desserts, the Charcoal Pavlova, filled with raspberry sorbet, chocolate mousse, shortbread, macadamia brittle, and strewn with berries, was the favourite.

Cracked open the black charcoal dome to reveal the chocolate mousse atop on a piece of shortbread, topped with raspberry sorbet. Macadamia brittle provided a nice crisp, nutty crunch.

Another one of the restaurants where advanced booking is recommended, due to its limited seating capacity.

11A, Lorong Kurau
Taman Bukit Pantai
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-2280 0073
Operating hours: 12–3pm, 6pm–12 midnight daily, except Mondays (closed)


Stunning photos, once again, Peter!

Thanks, Jim. They turned out better than I expected. :blush:

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