[Kuala Lumpur] Claypot chicken rice @ Jln Othman, PJ Old Town

This nameless claypot chicken rice spot along Jalan Othman (it’s known to KL-lites as the “opposite the big market claypot stall”) serves up a tastier rendition of the dish compared to its PJ Old Town rival, Veng Soon on F 19, Jalan 1/21, Old Town. This is already 23 years old, although the current stall-owner took over a 30+ years old stall.

  1. Claypot chicken rice, with Chinese waxed sausages & salted fish.

  2. Steamed herbal chicken soup in old coconut.

  3. Gai lan vegetables with oyster sauce and golden-fried minced garlic.

The nameless stall on Jalan Othman, PJ Old Town. The large Chinese characters merely state “Nga Po Gai Fun”, i.e. claypot chicken rice.

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I actually asked the stallowner why he did not have a name for his eatery. His answer was simple - in the old days, all the traditional hawker stalls and eateries are nameless, as they are not registered or licensed. As such, he’d retained the nameless character till today, even if his business is now registered under his own name.

How was the ‘burnt rice crust’ at the bottom of the pot?

Unfortunately, much too burnt - else, would have been the best part of the dish.