[Kuala Lumpur] Chaoshan/Teowchew Restaurant Recommendations?

After watching the excellent ‘Flavorful Origins’ on Netflix I’ve been dying to try some authentic Chaoshan/Teowchew style food.

Can anyone vouch for a restaurant in KL that serves an authentic version of this cuisine? I’ve come across ‘Chaoshan Taste’ and a pricey restaurant in Starhill Gallery. Any others?

Particularly interested in the ‘raw’ crab, the braised goose, and the thin shell clam dishes, but happy to travel here to eat ANYTHING!

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Chaoshan Taste is pretty okay, although it leans towards HK-style Chaozhou flavours. KL is a mainly Cantonese-Chinese city, so Teochew restaurants are almost impossible to find, unlike Singapore or Bangkok, where there are large Teochew-Chinese communities.

The most well-known Teochew restaurant in KL is Lao Er in Pudu:

I’ve also listed the dishes at Lao Er in the FB Group, Malaysian Food Whisperers:

Amazing, This is on my list and I live close-ish so I will try it tomorrow. Thanks so much for the heads-up.

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I will join!

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