[Kuala Lumpur] Breakfast options at Wizards of Tribeca

KL’s latest breakfast spot is Wizards of Tribeca in the Bukit Bintang retail belt, offering the same kind of menu that seems to be de rigeur among the city’s breakfast/brunch spots these days - standard Occidental offerings of eggs Benedict or French toasts, with Asian touches sometimes thrown in to spice things up.

Service here was efficient, by an all-male crew looking like members of some Korean K-Pop boyband.

  1. Started off with a rather over-ambitious sounding Wicked Fizz iced concoction, described in the menu as consisting of orange, carrot, beetroot, honey, peppermint tea and lemon-lime soda.


  1. Taro Mish Mash
    Taro puree on toasted sourdough, with diced avocado pesto, tomato salsa, and feta cheese, topped with two poached eggs. The eggs were done perfectly, but the mish mash of various flavours were, IMO, very confusing and somewhat jarring on one’s palate.

  1. Wizard’s Foie Gras Brioche
    This option fared slightly better taste-wise - perfectly-cooked foie gras, but spoilt by pairing it with wilted beef “bacon” - KL eating places tend to take the pork-less approach as 43% of KL’s populace are Muslims, representing a very significant segment of the market there. The whole thing was blanketed by an overly-creamy mushroom Duxelles and a mixed berries reduction sauce. Here again, the kitchen put in too many contrasting flavours, and ended up with a less than desirable concoction. Who does the taste test for the recipes used here?!


  1. Finished with a cup of filtered Guatemala Consuelo, served cold. Coffee was good, best part of breakfast here actually.

Overall, less than satisfactory. Breakfast spots in KL should really stop emulating each other. And … more doesn’t mean better, especially when putting things that are not complementry to each other on the same plate.

Wizards at Tribeca
201, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2715 5308
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily


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