Krug's Tavern, Newark (Ironbound)

FINALLY got to Krug’s today for the first time, and my first thought was that I can’t believe I haven’t seen a thread about it here. For those who haven’t heard of it, Krug’s is a legit dive bar way down Ferry Street in the Ironbound. I know–I know. You go to the Ironbound for Portuguese or Spanish or Brazilian food, but if you should find yourself craving an EXCELLENT plate of wings or an EXCELLENT burger with a stunning crust, this is a place you should try.

I worked in Newark for a decade or so and never heard of it, but the place has been there since the early 1930s and I absolutely loved it. I had to be in NNJ and called on a couple of pals to meet me, and will absolutely be back. For those of you who remember Chef Carl Ruiz (yes, the one who was on Guy’s Grocery Games and a few other Food Network shows), he loved the place. It absolutely exemplifies #Ruizing. Here’s the website. They have a small parking lot in the back, but for those who are worried, it’s a perfectly safe part of Newark.

My chef pal posted the best chef-y descriptions and photos here on his IG, so I’m sharing that link instead of my own. And yes, I’m still full 8 hours later.


Never tried the wings because the burger is so perfect.


We replaced our Sunday Afternoon Krug’s Burger with The Barnacle Bill’s Burger when we moved south. The Krug’s Burger is better, so much so that Mr. Munchmobile himself had to rank it the best in NJ, however ( ! ) after four ( 4! ) Double B Long Island Iced Teas, (yesterday) I’m not one to quibble.