Kronnerburger, Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

I went to Kronnerburger on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland for lunch last Saturday. I used to go to this location sometimes back when it was J’s and it looks totally different now on the inside.

I ordered a Kronnerburger ($12) with herb cheese (+$2), a side of fries ($5), and a bloody kronner ($11 I think?).

I liked the “bloody kronner”, which is like a bloody mary made with gin rather than vodka and had some sort of herb salt mix lining the rim of the glass. Bit on the small side though, looks bigger in the picture than in person (that’s not a pint glass).

I liked the Kronnerburger too. It had good beefy flavor and was very juicy, although maybe a tad too heavy on the salt. I probably made a mistake adding the herb cheese as this made it even saltier. Good but not great. My favorite burgers still remain the 4505 meats burger and Mission Bowling Club’s.

Fries were good. I liked their homemade ketchup.

Your thoughts on Kronnerburger are about the same as mine. I tried it once a while back. The burger was great, with a pure meat flavor. The fries were also good and crispy, but not overly so. I wasn’t necessarily impressed and I personally like my burger dressed a bit more. I don’t live too close so I don’t think I will be back.

Decent burger and adding bacon makes it a $15 burger. While tasty, not so sure I’ll hurry back. Fries were good. Walked past it forever when it was JJ’s, but never went in then

I was reading the menu on the front door the other day… waiting for it to open… and it smelled of urine and the exterior was filthy dirty.

Why did they paint the exterior white…and then not maintain it?

I went elsewhere for lunch.

I finally made it. The special starter of smoked bonito with cucumbers was wonderful and a good value. The burger was very good, great meaty flavor. The patty melt was good too, but I actually wanted more cheese/adhesion – it really wasn’t a melt in that the sandwich easily fell open on the plate. Good flavor though. The fries were excellent, the onion rings even more so. I would definitely go back when we are in burger mode, particular because the other items on the menu are high-end and interesting, making it a good combination place for us.

After over a handful of very delicious meals, I had one recently where everything was oversalted and the wedge salad overdressed. Even a few of the onion rings were oversalted. I still love their desserts though, so it’ll be a difficult decision of if and when to return.

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