Krispy Krunchy Chicken Stoneham MA

Krispy Krunchy Chicken is the biggest fast-food chain that you have never heard off. They have more locations than Chick-fil-A (2,200 versus 2,100). They serve spicy Louisiana style fried chicken but doesn’t have as many outlets as that other chain (2700). One reason you haven’t heard about them is that their business model is to locate the outlets in convenience stores and gas stations. There is one in Wilmington that doesn’t show up on their locator map, and one in Stoneham that does show up. The map also shows one in Burlington, but their address is in Batavia, NY. The only reason I found out about them was a sign in a small storefront in North Woburn saying “Opening Soon”.

The chicken was delicious!


Huh, real mashed! Thanks for the heads-up, Ferrari.

Thanks to this thread, I just noticed there’s a pizza place on Cross Street in East Somerville that also has Krispy Krunchy Chicken posted on their sign. I had no idea. I can’t promise I’ll check it out as I only go by in a rush on the way to a school drop off that’s about to end for good in a few weeks. But maybe someone else will?

Is it the one by the School? If so, I’ve tried some last week before going to school for a concert. The containers for sides look like the logos on their website. The fried chicken was fairly good; great breading and juicy, although there’s no hints of spices (was hoping for something with a kick). The biscuit that came with the meal was unremarkable, so is the mac and cheese side (tastes boxed to me somehow), although DH likes it.

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Yes- near the East Somerville Community School.

Just an FYI - Stoneham KKC doesn’t cook any chicken on the weekends. At all. Disappointing this past Saturday.

Although the Wilmington store (near Target) will cook to order (or he offered to do so when I was there several Saturdays ago around 1 p.m., but I’m assuming he’d be more likely to do so closer to lunchtime vs late mid-afternoon) - about a 20 minute wait for cook-to-order. Another patron came in while I decided on some chicken tenders (not optimal, but I didn’t have time to wait) and a honey biscuit. The other patron had come in, placed her order, then went to Target next door to get the few things she needed. That might be the way to go to ensure you get hot, freshly cooked chicken.

So…while the tenders weren’t optimal, they gave me an idea of what they were like. I liked them. Are they “Cajun-hot?” Nope. Just a slight heat in the spice blend. Which I’m fine with. Other friends throughout the country go for the Franks Red Hot and sprinkle that on top for the spicier flavor.