Krispy Kreme back in Houston

I just passed a new Krispy Kreme on Westheimer between Hillcroft and Fondren. It looks to be opening soon.

(And just when I was finally starting to drop a few pounds!)

I think there are supposed to be 3 opening within a few weeks. And many more to follow. The closest one to me is over by S. Main and 610, not real convenient.

We have Shipley everywhere, KK returning, the trendy Hugs and Donuts in the Heights, the Slow Dough Doughknots at Weights + Measures and the brand new Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts, also in the Heights so sure to be a trendy destination. Perhaps we should stage a doughnut throwdown? Or have doughnuts as a Dish of the Month?

8611 Westheimer Grand Opening 6 am Tuesday November 3

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Well the grand opening may have been yesterday, but I just drove by and the line was down the street about half a mile. At 1:30pm.

I think I’ll wait a week or two.

I heard somewhere recently that coffee is 60% of sales at Dunkin, I had their donuts in another state and they were awful.