Krakowiak (South River) has closed

Krakowiak Restaurant, a small family run Polish restaurant in South River announced their closing. Simple, rustic and hearty Polish cuisine, it was always enjoyable going there on a cold winter night. They’ll be missed.


Bummer. We liked it, though we rarely went even before–at ten miles, it was just too far (and too much traffic) for that sort of meal. That was, I think, the last of the Polish restaurants in the area. There used to be a second one in South River, but it closed at least twenty years ago.

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I’m afraid that this is going to be a widespread occurrence when small restaurants cannot sustain business during pandemic. Krakowiak was one of the better Polish places in NJ. Where can I get a hearty bowl of Flaczky (tripe soup) now?

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Sichuan Cottage? :joy: :joy: (Sorry—couldnt’ resist)

Maybe the new Puerto Rican place in Lincroft?