Kraft Marshmallow Bits

Has anyone used these? I was thinking about adding marshmallows to a quick bread and was pretty sure they’d melt out, leaving ugly holes and traces of goo. I saw these online and figured that they might be formulated for baking. What scares me is the use of the word “crunchy” in the description. I’m no marshmallow fan, but I never thought marshmallows should be crunchy. Are these like the marshmallows in cereal that aren’t all that marshmallow-like?

I have never seen those, but recently learned the hard way that when the rice krispie treat recipe says to use fresh marshmallows, it’s NOT just a ploy to make you buy a new bag. I had a bag that was over a year old, but figured that since the ingredients are barely food, stale couldn’t mean much. Well, they refused to melt. I was using virgin coconut oil rather than butter. The pot was on the stove so long that the oil turned brown, but the marshmallows were still hard. I tried in vain to mash them, then added water, thinking a full boil would melt the marshies and evaporate the water. No dice. So, I can see where they could make marshmallow bits that are hard.

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Crunchy = stale = indestructible

The manufacturer describes the product as crunchy. Are you saying that Kraft is telling the user that the product ships already stale? The bits may totally suck, but I kind of doubt that they leave the plant stale.

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They look like the kind that in packages of hot cocoa mix (which are similar to the ones in cereal).

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Oh! I know exactly what these are…! They are very tiny freeze dried marshmellows- exacty like what is in packets of hot chocolate “with marshmellows”
I would not use for baking- i think they would soften yet are so tiny that you likey wont notice what they are in the final product.

Marshmellows are baked into cookies with some frequency, i would give it a try using the small regular marshmellows “jet puffed mini” size

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