KQED FM - After last crop of King City, Salinas Valley (red peppers), what do migrant workers do?


Soon the work will dry up and so will the money. Gomez has thought about following the harvest to Arizona. But she decided it is not worth the paycheck.

“I don’t want to move my kids,” she says. “I don’t want to move them because they are used to their school here, and all of my family is here.”

The audio from today’s California Report on KQED FM 88.5 is 3:30 long and tells of the options of migrant workers in the Salinas Valley after the end of the last crop, red peppers. Stay and keep their kids in local schools or move on to the crops in Arizona?


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I can’t fathom being faced with making these kinds of decisions. And I’m guilty of not acknowledging how my purchase power affects the lives of many. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for posting that, zippo.

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