Koy Turkish Kitchen Opens in Marlboro (NJ)

Koy Turkish Grill

Some months ago, I read on CH that Koi Turkish Kitchen, in East Brunswick, was opening a sister restaurant in Marlboro. Someone else posted that it was going to be in the ShopRite/Home Depot strip mall. Since I regularly shop at that ShopRite, I’ve been keeping an eye out for Koi’s opening.

This afternoon, I noticed the Grand Opening banner, so I ventured inside. Very nice décor. The young man I spoke with said they are serving lunch and dinner as well as offering take-out and delivery. The menu has all the typical Turkish dishes.

Since reports on CH about the E.B. location have been positive, I have high hopes for Koi here in Marlboro because (a) we love Turkish food, (b) it’s less than 5 minutes from our house, and © I’ve heard that Sofra – which I wrote about in this blog post and have been meaning to get back to – has taken a turn for the worse.

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That’s very close to us as well. Jul has been dying to try it since she saw the sign. Looks like we’re going out to dinner Friday…

I feel a HOdown in our future…

This looks promising…thanks for posting.

Is anyone here a fan of cafe28 in red bank? I haven’t been in a while but I definitely need to get back soon.

Curlz, If you or anyone else wants to arrange a HOdown at Koi, Mr. RBI and I would be happy to attend providing the date chosen works for us.

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We had dinner with friends at Koy on Friday evening. Overall everyone was very pleased with it. The décor is simple & kind of laid back. We went about 6:30 and it was mostly empty but the dining room filled slowly as we ate.

The menu is mostly grilled foods & gyro style although the gyros are dressed up to be dinners & served flat not rolled. There is a wide range of appetizers both hot & cold. The Baba Ganoush was good as was the hot appetizer sampler which we all shared. They have an interesting style of stuffed grape leaves & the rolled phyllo with feta was very good. The zucchini pancakes were the best thing on the sampler.

The menus is set up so you can have a lot of variety. They have combination plates so you can have 2 or more meats on your plate. Between us we had the lamb gyro, a combination gyro & lamb chop, the lamb platter & the Iskender Kebab which was grilled lamb with a tomato infused yogurt sauce. Everything was delicious & well presented. Desserts were also very good. The pistachio baklava was very good & not terribly sweet. The ‘light milk’ pudding was outrageously good and the ice cream truffles were terrific. The truffles were bigger than they looked in the pictures FYI.

Service was outstanding - really excellent and all four of us really enjoyed it. So - I recommend it & I’m sure we’ll be back.

I suppose I’d fit that bill, if only for his Turkish coffee.

Thanks for the report! Glad to hear that your overall experience was positive.

IMHO, the best Turkish food within a reasonable distance from Monmouth County is at Troy in Perth Amboy which is better than Koi in East Brunswick. That being said I’m certainly going to get to the new Koi to compare and Mrs.BN and I would happily attend a HOdown at KOI.

In case someone is googling: It’s actually KOY (in Turkish köy is village).

Oy! How embarrassingly stupid of me! Thanks for pointing out my mistake! It’s way too late for me to edit, but maybe I can get Sampson to at least correct the title.

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