Koso is a Japanese drink which — from translation or otherwise — is called everything from fermented, enzyme, postbiotic, and more.

But after finding it online, and messaging with a lovely Japanese person, I started making lime koso. It’s equal parts sugar and thinly sliced limes. After a few weeks, the syrup with some fresh soda water is the best limeade ever.

You can also do other fruits, even thick/chunky ones which you can then use the fruit for a pancake/ice cream/etc topping (but I’ve so far only done lime a few times).

Fresh batch just put up:

After a month or so (I actually would refresh this one with more water and it seemed to work well):

In the glass with some soda water:

You can search more online or here’s a site I was sent: https://www.masayosugimoto.com/


Cool glass!

Ya, it’s my gf’s favorite. It’s leftover from drinking Sake Akishika. I got it from either True Sake or On the Bridge.

Thanks for the link…since I’m searching for drink ideas.

I took you as a Hello Kitty person rather than Bambi. :smirk:


Here are a couple more links which my Japanese friend sent especially for lime. I never do the baking soda scrub so not sure how much that matters (my limes are nice and from a local farmer so that might help).

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Thanks a lot! Love especially lime or lemon related drinks.

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