Kosmos - Walpole, MA

I was finally able to get a reservation and make my way to Walpole’s newest hot spot, a very authentic spot known as Kosmos. You’d think Walpole has a fairly average-at-best dining scene and you would not be wrong… that is until this gem of this place popped up seemingly out of nowhere.

I wish I had taken pics of the decor - the restaurant is gorgeous and could go head-to-head with most big city establishments. It’s kind of surreal to think that this cropped out deep in the burbs but yet here we are.

We opted to try their imported Sparkling water, Zagori ($6.50) a pop to accompany our meal and ordered up a whole bunch of different dishes. The marinated olives ($7) were generous and had big notes of Greek herbs, garlic, and citrus.

The Saganaki ($14) was delicious and fun to share; a big hunk of salty, pan-friend Vlahotyri hard goat cheese that came served up with a unique and creative tomato and strawberry jam whose acid cut the richness of the dish. A massive hit for our table.

The Kataifi shrimp ($16) were also delicious and beautifully cooked. Five came to an order and the outside was perfectly breaded and the honey that came with it was a nice accompaniment.


Then came our entrees: the lamb chops ($39) and the Kontosouvli $26) - which is a massive pork skewer served up with Greek fries, Tzatziki and pita. Both were scrumptious and the presentation on the Kontosouvli was really cool; it came plated in a special tray with the skewer suspended over the rest of the food, dripping occasionally little droplets of fat over the rest of the dish which was… neat and made for a tasty meal.

The side of braised wild greens, Horta ($6), were dill-heavy but the touch of olive oil and lemon juice lightened everything up and it paired nicely with our entrees.

Service was stellar, as was the food and their extensive selection of Greek wines, imported beers and more made for a beautiful meal and experience. The decor pops and the modern twists on the food give you a big city experience, right in the heart of Walpole.

I cannot wait to return and will be dreaming of those lamb chops until then…