kosher turducken -NJ

Starting to think about Thanksgiving.
Any idea where to get a kosher turducken?
Want to have it for thanksgiving, but don’t want to do/cook it. So, anyone know if any kosher place can make/prepare for me?

If you don’t find somewhere close to you this place in rego park queens has an astonishing number of different varieties of kosher turducken, they offer shipping too

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They actually have a brick and mortar store in Rego Park Queens. Depending on where in NJ Rikk is they could be within driving distance. I found this pic of their turducken roll on Yelp
Also give Fairway a call, they used to make one, maybe they still do
Rikk, where in NJ are you?

Would like to help, NJ is a big state any particular area in NJ?

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