Kosher Style Pastrami

The best in Monmouth county ? Today I had a pastrami at the refuge in Menlo park California because I saw it on diners, drive-ins, and dives. Was disappointed. It simply did not have bite. My local fav is mill basin deli in Brooklyn, but wish there was good pastrami in Monmouth county (don’t say Fred and murrays, or lox stock and barrel in east Brunswick, or Jerry and Harvey’s).

And if you don’t know what pastrami is, I suggest you watch the movie “the deli man”

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Tuned in for this one!

new “Jewish deli” is supposed to open in Red Bank soon…not holding out much hope, but would be nice…

Neither in Monmouth County but Bragman’s Deli on Harrison St. (I think) in Newark is outstanding. Also the place in Lakewood on Main St. I rarely go there so I can’t recall the name offhand.

As a mets fan you probably know about “bens best” deli on queens blvd - it was featured in the movie “the deli man” - a must see for you (I have it on MP4) - are there a few times and I was at a wedding with the owner - do you remember a cured meat from many years ago called “rolled beef” it had spices similar to pastrami but was hard to find.

Not worth the flight to Menlo Park just for that sandwich :wink:
But while I’m out here I will hit Japan town for sushi and Chinatown for dim sum … in SAN FRAN

And Sauls in Berkley is just as good or shall I say just as bad as the refuge. And I went there on a recommendation. The wise sons deli in San Fran in the same minor league …

You can get better sushi and dimsum elsewhere in the city.

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I don’t really care if they brine it then smoke/steam it, I go to Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park for my pastrami. It’s delicious and it’s cooked in house. Got me actually thinking corned beef right now. I see a platter of cb hash with 3 poached tomorrow morning. Cheers.


FToday we dim summed at fu lam mum (mountain view). Mostly Asian customers - a bit pricy $116 for four - (they charged 4 tea ) but compared to anything in NJ, it was superior. Perhaps there are better places in the valley, but this was a success in my view. pastrami no, dim sum yes. Also went to sumo sushi boasts in los alto - good but limited selections.

That’s the breakfast of champions Kool.

If you’re a cb hash fan, you should try it at the Buttered Biscuit in Bradley…YUM

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I met your friends from Cardinal Curlz. They were vending next to us @ the Biergarten yesterday.

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I got some awesome hot pastrami to go at the in house BBQ counter at Best Market in Holmdel recently.

I talked to the pit master, this is something they buy in prepared and then cook, they do not cure it themselves.

Next time I go I will find out where they are sourcing it.

Wow, I never would have imagined a place like Best Market having good pastrami! Please tell me it’s got a healthy amount of fat on it!

I’m not old enough to know if this is really what happened but in my head I imagine back about 20-30 years ago the state of deli meat was far superior to what we have today. This whole Boar’s Head phenomenon has swept the nation along with severe fat phobia, redering the vast majority of readily available deli meat to the garbage pile. I think of all the meats perhaps pastrami has suffered the most under these changes, mainly because people are obsessed with lean deli meat. How can you have pastrami without the tasty fat?

I’ve had what I would consider good pastrami about four times in NJ, every time was at Richard’s deli in Long Branch. For a short stretch there whenever I got the pastrami I would request it extra fatty and get some seriously nice pieces of juicy fat glistening meat. Then, one day it stopped. I still asked for the fatty pastrami but all I got was lean dry bullshit. Three failed visits later, I’ve stopped getting pastrami there. I tried the same “trick” at Franks and did not get pastrami fatty enough for my tastes. :frowning:

It’s sad that we live in an area with such a high Jewish population and can’t get any good pastrami.

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It’s severely worse in Florida.

Jj there are many reasons for the demise in what you are looking for - too much for this thread - suggest you watch the movie “the deli man” - I have an mp4 copy if you can’t find it. In short the closet place to get what you want is Harolds Deli in Edison. Be prepared to spend $ and to take home part of your sandwich. Ask for the juicy cut (they don’t call it fat), fill up on pickles and rye at the pickle bar (and health salad) a and plan to take 1/2 sandwich home. Or bring some friends who have been there before.
Fred an Murrays is feh in Freehold and Jesse and Davids in East Brunswick was recently sold, and so I don’t know the quality. Deli King in Clark is ok and Deli Noah in north Jersey is good - just go to Harolds.

Deli Nosh not deli Noah
Its called Kosher nosh deli in glen rock

Just start with Harold’s since I sense you don’t really need kosher meat :slight_smile:

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