Kosher in Shop-Rite in Aberdeen (NJ)

Someone said (on CH) that nothing much was going on here, so I’ll start something. :smile:

I see that the Shop-Rite in Aberdeen is re-arranging everything (with some remodeling). I asked, and they did say that the kosher section would still be there, just moved to a different area. The woman I talked to seemed more eager to tell me about the new “nutrition bar” they were adding, though, and adding something means something else has to go.

On the other hand, the kosher fish section closed ages ago, so there was unused space.

In the mean time, the jarred herring seems to be in two separate locations: Vita in kosher, and some other brand in general deli. Bleh.

Re: jarred Herring
It is common in supermarkets to have one brand in Deli (purchased by the deli buyer) and another in the Dairy cases (purchased by the dairy buyer).

Here in Southern CT, Stop and Shop has Acme in Deli and both Nathan’s and Vita in the Dairy aisle. Same with packaged Lox.

Common it may be, but also annoying. (This is not the worst example. The same [non-kosher] tuna salad is available in pre-packaged deli and ordinary deli, and last time I checked was less per pound in the ordinary deli, because apparently each is priced by their own department.)

Just went again and kosher shopping will be more complicated. Before, the kosher groceries, kosher frozen, kosher refrigerated, and kosher fresh meats were all in one aisle. Now the kosher fresh meats and refrigerated are along the back wall, the kosher frozen is in cases in the back aisle near the deli and the kosher groceries are in a new aisle altogether. Assuming of course they don’t move again–everything is still very chaotic.

But the good news is that it looks as though the amount of kosher foods has not been cut.

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