Korean BBQ Sticky Ribs -- SF Bay Area

Any spots that have good versions of these? Hole-in-the-wall, strip-mall, fancy – all work.

Reading the LA Times article here, and damn if that didn’t start a craving:

I think you are closer to the Northern part of the Bay Area so I am not sure if its practical for you to go to Santa Clara. Luke Tsai has a couple of galbi recs here even if they may not be specifically about BBQ sticky ribs.

Samsung employees who’s travelling from Seoul seem to go to Jang Su Jang a lot. But I’ve always find their food, including the BBQ, merely acceptable but not great.

Further north, it’ll be uptown Oakland around Telegraph where there are many Korean BBQ places. But it’s been years since I ate Korean there so someone else would know much better about the current Korean offerings.

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Love these suggestions, and the details.

As far as location, I’m willing to go where the best Asian sticky ribs are…
I have to travel into the Peninsula for meetings.

Galbi – I like to know the right words…I know saying “Asian (or Korean) sticky ribs”
makes me sound like a dweeb. Any other “real” names for this dish, I’d appreciate.

The description of the galbi marinade at Unity LA sounds like a fairly typical galbi marinade, though they look more saucy. I’d just guess its a galbi dish, but would be curious if the Korean eaters here have a different name for it.

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