Koko bakery (watertown)

soft opening today http://www.kokobread.com/about.html
a block from Chung Shin Yuan (Taiwanese brunch place)

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Thanks will have to check it out.

Their site says Newton though. But along the boarder of the two.

Newton on California Street

Their text with German- and French style bread sounds very interesting but the only photo of a bread shows an awful looking sandwich bread you wouldn’t find nowhere in both countries. We will have to try them and hopeful their breads are much better in reality

maybe you’re referring to this shokupan

Yes, I had it at a few places and always find it horrible and definitely strange to see in a bakery who focused on German/French style breads

from their menu it appears they focus on a lot more than just bread, description notwithstanding, so you won’t be forced to eat that horrible stuff :wink:

I know but what really got me excited on their page were the options of European style bread - time to go to their shop and try it

Real Shoku-pan 5 minutes from my house means tomato sandwiches on toast with Hellmans this weekend.


ugh, majo on sandwich

“ugh, majo on sandwich”

You yoking? Or mis-spelling “mojo” as “majo” (for reasons best-known to your “we-have-a-billion-strawberry-seasons-in-SD-you-have-zero” self)?

Or, do you just not understand the Multiverse of sandwiches?


Mayonnaise has many uses but at least for me as part of a sandwich is often not one of them

Seriously, why engage with someone who doesn’t understand the brilliance of an open faced toast, mayo, tomato sandwich … that statement to me helps frame our differences in perspective.

I think sometimes you just have to understand that not everyone uses the same ruler in life and move on.


Just replace the mayo with a mild soft goat cheese and you see true brilliance (a soft ricotta with some black pepper, salt and a drizzle of goo olive oil is also great)

yep, moving on. for sure.

Mayo, yes! Timely, I just received for a link for this today:

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I love homemade mayo but we don’t eat it enough to consume before we start worrying about it spoiling…whether or not we should worry.

However, we do love the jarred Sir Kensington mayo, especially in August when we finally get our local heirloom tomatoes, on Iggy’s francese toast. It’s expensive but it lasts a long time in our house.

Even further off topic than mayo, but since we’re talking about tomatoes, I bet that sandwich would go well with a tomato julep (2 oz Don Julio blanco tequila, 3/4 oz agave, juice hand-pressed (or muddled) from ripe heirloom tomato, mint, a pinch of salt)

(prepared by Chris at Hakkasan, sf)

Ps. I also like mayo :wink:


Might have to give that one a go, substituting reposado or mezcal. I’ve got tomatoes coming out my ears.

How close was it tastewise to a Bloody Mary variation ? I love all kinds of cocktails with the only exception of Bloody Mary - tried different low end or high end variation, like all the components of a Bloody Mary but somehow haven’t found any Blood Mary which is drinkable for me, so I am always interested to find new variations

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2