Koi Palace, Milpitas is now open

After almost like 2? years of planning and building, Koi Palace Milpitas is finally open. They have been in soft opening since 10/30 and will ‘officially’ open on 12/10 (if that means anything). In the old ABC location at the Ulferts Center.

Any reports so far? Wonder if they imported chefs for this location like they did for the original.

I talked to one of my friends who is very familiar with the dim sum scene. She was there the second day they were open. Her comments were that food wasn’t as good as Daly City and the place was packed.

Separately I heard that there were some initial food and service issues. Will probably make a trip there when the opening madness dies down a bit. To me, even if it falls just short of the Daly City branch but if its an upgrade to all the existing dim sum joints (or the old ABC) around the area, that’s already good news.

Well, the quality may catch up overtime. We will have to see. Since it is under the same ownership, they can easily fix the quality difference – assuming they want to.

OK I can’t resist today so I went. These were the dishes we tried. Please keep in mind this is a 3 week old restaurant so the caveat is its unknown how the restaurant will eventually turn out.


  • almond cream filled lava bun. Highlight of the meal. warm almond-y goodness. almost tempted to get a second serving.
  • coconut goji berry osmanthus jelly cake. Delicate, subtle, not very sweet, and cheap (M). Gelatin layer with goji berry on top and coconut layer at the bottom.

Nice, not better than other dim sum joints:

  • Shrimp pork & Mushroom Shui Mai,
  • Durian puff


  • Sea Scallop Dumpling w/ Black Truffle- mushy skin, oversteamed.
  • spinach & shrimp dumpling topped with XO sauce- XO sauce is ordinary
  • Steamed pork rib over rice roll
  • Seamed Beef Ball
  • BBQ pork puff
  • minced beef rice roll
  • espresso coffee ribs (I have not had this dish at the Daly City branch, even though this dish seems to be recommended frequently there)
  • baked taro paste bun

1 hour 45 minutes wait. got ticket at 11:25. they can probably use 20% more staff.

$95 for 4.5 people.

The roasted pig slice is $22, I didn’t get it today.

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