Koi Palace expanding dim sum empire to SFO [San Francisco]

There will be two locations, Terminal 3 and International Terminal Boarding Area G

Inside security? Will it be prepared onsite?

Their existing restaurants sell some dumplings that are made offsite, for example their xiao long bao Koi Palace Dublin's Xiao Long Bao -- handmade? , so I would assume the SFO location would depend on their commercial kitchen too.

Regardless, this is great news!

But it’s inside security, right?

Fingers crossed that we’ll see some baby pig…

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be amusing that the pig-chasing crowd, instead of lining up for 2 hours at Daly City, will now swamp the airport instead…!

Maybe this will take some traveller business away from hong kong flower lounge in millbrae

I’m guessing that it’s past security so unless one is traveling…

Remembering the awful Fung Lum branch in Terminal 3, I’ll wait to see if it’s possible to get decent Chinese food in an airport terminal.

No pig at the SFO location. They are now open. Pretty generic Chinese and Chinese-American menu.

Someone on Yelp took a picture of their sign. It mentions a bunch of steam tray items and dim sum and soups made to order. How are the “pull noodle soups” made?

A pity. Have to settle for Roli roti for my fix. The new Corridor on van ness @ Market st. Lists porchetta as a weekly special but they have yet to ramp up to serving it