Ana Sortun (chef of Oleana/Sofra) has a great recipe in her Soframiz cookbook for kohlrabi pancake with bacon and haloumi cheese. It’s a bit time consuming but uses up a ton of greens (kohlrabi and spinach/chard), and the end result tastes like the sophisticated cousin of a zucchini fritter.

Recipe here: https://publicism.info/food/soframiz/2.html


The bulb of kohlrabi is exactly the same as the stem of broccoli. As most here no doubt are aware, many “different” vegetables are simply different varieties (cultivars?) of the same species, in this case common cabbage or brassica oleracea. Varieties of brassica include what we call green and other cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, collards, gai lan, and so on. All the same species, but selected and cultivated to emphasize particular parts of the basic plant. In the case of kohlrabi, the bulb is the object of the breeding, and it’s the same plant part of brassica as the stem of the broccoli.

My wife happens to love broccoli stems, so I always buy broccoli with big stems (cheaper anyway) and peel it, chop it, and throw it in with the florets when boiling. Comes out great. Kohlrabi can be treated the same way with good results – just peel and chop it, boil it, and serve buttered and salted. No need for complicated preparations. Can do the same thing with cauliflower cores, which again are the same thing and come out pretty much the same.

Have you tried steaming your broccoli? I find it has more flavor that way. Also, it limits water waste and nutrient loss. In hot weather, the shorter burner use time and smaller amount of hot water keep the kitchen cooler.

Hi Erica. Yes I have, but I find steamed broccoli just isn’t as good. It seems to bring out the sulfur for me. Maybe the higher temperature of the steam does something? I don’t know. A quick boil just works better, for me. Key word of course is quick; just soft enough to bite. In the big picture, I think, the impact on wastewater and nutrients is negligible; one probably uses 50 times more water for the morning shower!

OTOH I’m big on steaming eggs for HB, although I decided using a steamer basket was just too much rigamarole so I just put the eggs in the pot and fill about 1/3 to 1/2 way up with water and do them that way. Works great. Also less wasted water :upside_down_face: Sorry couldn’t resist.

By the way, we are fellow sight hounders – Irish Wolfhounds in our case.

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