Kobani grill, Berkeley. Closed suddenly?

I’m wondering if anyone knows whether Kobani grill in Berkeley is closed or not. Just yesterday it was open but today I walked by and it’s closed during their normal hours. There’s newspaper all over the windows with no explanation. Kobani serves (or maybe served?) standard mediterranean food but I really enjoyed their Kefte kebabs, hot sauce, and their desserts. It’s only been open since May or June of this year.

The owner of Kobani in Berkeley recently opened a Kobani Grill in San Francisco, plans to open a second location in the city, and also is involved in resuscitating Hayes & Kebab. He lives in SF and also owns a parking garage and a real estate business here as well. Maybe he cut Kobani Berkeley loose because he was spread too thin.

Damn, I hope they didn’t close. Their stacked-meat gyros were excellent.

Maybe someone in SF can report on if the other location is still open. When I drove by Kobani today, the newspaper was still up.

On my way to a meeting, I noticed that the windows are all covered up. I peeked inside and it looks like the shell of a restaurant. It’s been a long while since there has been a successful restaurant at that corner.

Kobani isn’t closed. They are undergoing a renovation and will re-open in a couple of months, says the owner.

I saw you’re post on Berkeleyside, thanks for looking into this. Glad to hear Kobani isn’t done for good

Me too!

Kobani has re-opened. It is remodeled and there are different people working in there. I ordered the kofte and it wasn’t quite as good, but overall ok.

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Thanks for the tip. I stopped by at lunch. The menu and prices are the same. I was relieved to see that they still have the stacked-meat gyros. They also had a dessert that’s not common: kadaifi, like baklava but with pressed shredded phyllo instead of flat sheets. I think the cook was the same as before.

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I had lunch there again today, and sadly, the stacked-meat spindle now had a generic forcemeat cone on it. I didn’t ask whether this would be permanent.