KO Pies, Cunard Tavern, ICA Watershed [East Boston, MA]

B and I found ourselves with a reprieve from work yesterday afternoon (and spring onion doesn’t have preschool on Fridays) so we took full advantage and checked out the ICA Watershed in Eastie. On this sunny but not too hot day, it was the perfect field trip for all 3 of us.

We wanted to take the ICA ferry across the harbor but spots were filling up so rather than risk disappointment, we decided to take the Blue Line to Maverick (which is only 10 min walk to the Shipyard). We started with a late lunch at KO Pies, a spot that we love but don’t get to enough. Curried veggie pie (which I always get), lime-y spicy wings for B, and we shared grilled shrimp over a rice, veggie, feta salad. Sparkling wine in a glass flute made me feel fancy and B enjoyed the draft Coopers Pale Ale.

Two minute walk to the Watershed - very cool space and video exhibit but it won’t take you long to check it all out. The space does invite lingering, and just sitting and being, which many people were doing. Spring onion loved the wide open space, use of colors throughout, picture books, and the small back deck.

Piers Park is gorgeous and so unbelievably low key. In my opinion, the view and ocean breezes from this park are unparalleled in Boston. The playground with splash pad is pretty awesome, too.

We were getting dangerously close to dinner time for our little companion and he even admitted he was getting hungry (da kid never wants to eat). So, we checked out Cunard Tavern even though B and I had absolutely no appetite. Really pleasant room (rooftop deck is 21+), with floor-to-ceiling windows that opened up to the wicked gentrified neighborhood. The chicken tenders from the kids menu was surprisingly generous (and good, as B can testify). Good fries and cut-up strawberries and blackberries. B got Maine Lunch and I had an Austrian rose and we got a distinct trio of hummus plate because I like to nosh on something while drinking. The soundtrack (Led Zep, The Who, Stones) got B nostalgic. B thought about his mom and growing up near Cleveland and listening to The Buzzard radio station (like the 'BCN of the Midwest). It was truly a Proustian moment. The bike ride home from Alewife ended our perfect day in “the big city” (as spring onion calls Boston).


this sounds great! can’t wait to check out the watershed (and eat at KO pies). did you have to pay to get into watershed since you decided not to take the ferry and took the blue line instead? just curious. thank you!!!

The Watershed is free for all, which I love - making art accessible. I saw a few guys from the shipyard walk in and check it out after they got off from work.