Kneaded bread in Port Chester NY

I haven’t been here in a lonnnng time but recently have had some things on a few different occasions.

Number one is their insanely good chocolate challah which makes the most decadent french toast. Very dense and very chocolatey. Made in french toast form it is like eating delicious carby chocolate pudding.

I also had a delicious orange muffin studded with orange chunks. I’ve never seen an orange muffin. It was fluffy, light and moist and didn’t sit like a brick in my stomach as some muffins tend to.

A long baton like pastry came filled with chocolate pastry cream. I wasn’t getting pastry cream, more like a chocolate croissant type filling, but still tasty. The pastry was light.

The peanut butter cookie was good, but more average than the other things.

I also got two cake slices, one a standard yellow cake with buttercream. We’ll see if it lives up to my pasty chef brother-in-law’s version. The slice I had already was a cocoa based, dense, rich, moist, very very dark chocolate cake (barely sweet, which I like) with a gooey meringue frosting and a generous heap of sweetened coconut between and on top of the layers. Amazing.

The tuna sandwiches, almost an afterthought, were also quite good. I don’t want to end with tuna sandwich, so… CAKE!

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Sounds fantastic, especially the chocolate cake. I love it when they’re barely sweet, and almost REQUIRE a good dollop of sweetened whipped cream. :yum:

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We wanted to stop in last weekend on Sunday afternoon but they were already closed at 2:30 …
I agree with you the tuna sandwiches are great
I always liked the provolone bread, I’m assuming I’m not alone because
Although quite different, Tarry Market is now making one. Someone realized it was getting a lot of attention over there
I remember the layer cakes being really good in that the cake to icing ratio was the best in
Westchester …lots of cake to just enough frosting…the onion rolls are always good too…The iced
tea is above average

I snuck a bite of the yellow cake with buttercream and I’m already impressed. I saw the provolone bread… not a fan of provolone but if my husband had seen it he’d have been all over that. Next time!

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Yes, this chocolate cake was really exceptional and ticks the boxes for me for ideal chocolate cake. Almost a fudgey sort of texture and so, so dark. It was such an enormous piece that I only ate half. Can’t wait to eat the rest!

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That is my kind of cake … husband prefers less dense

The provolone bread is outstanding. I can’t buy it often, since hubby doesn’t do cheese. Other than pizza - go figure.

I tried the ding dongs or whatever their take on a pop cake was, and it was only so so. Their double chocolate muffins are great, as are their almond croissants.

Buying everything that appeals to me in there is dangerous.

We tend to stick to their breads (and an occasional muffin) – but that chocolate challah is just outstanding, and I suspect it has become so popular they are making a larger quantity. Just by itself or with some cream cheese is all it takes!

I will have to make the trip to Port Chester. That sounds so good!

Holy mackerel, boy is it good. I made French toast with it, and it was delish.

Thanks, ieatalotoficecream.

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