Knead Patisserie [SF] closing up shop 10/3/15

(Kathy Ramsey) #1

If you love Knead Patisserie, better skeedaddle over there TODAY. I’ve had uneven experiences there, but generally their pastries are excellent.


What’s the reason they are closing?

Given they share space, the location is not the most visible, for them.

(Kathy Ramsey) #3

I gather they are moving out of the city. They say they may reopen someday in Lodi.


That’s too bad, their pommes d’amour and croissants are really good.


I must say Lodi seems to be an odd place to put Knead Patisserie in.

(Gary Soup) #6

Lodi? Is that the answer to the By Area’s high rents?

(maria ascarrunz) #7

damn, just seeing this.

(Kathy Ramsey) #8

And now, Local Mission Eatery is closing its doors Dec. 19.