[Kittery, ME] Roberts maine Grill

(John Hartley) #1

This was lunch with my long established foody friend and fellow Onion, GretchenS.

Mrs H and I had planned to be in Kittery for the outlet mall shopping (in the event, not a great success, due to the current killer exchange rate, etc). Gretchen had suggested meeting here for lunch. There was much to chat about – we seem to share the same outlook on life, politics, food and, of course, HO.

She’d also suggested what I might eat. Actually, her forum post recounted that it was her friend who enjoyed the haddock reuben. And I can see why – it was lovely. Plenty of fried fish and it’s their own take on a reuben – thinly sliced red cabbage replacing the sauerkraut, for example, Accompanying fries were good. Mrs H ordered the lobster roll – not exactly sure what the bread was but think a slightly crisp brioche. Maybe it was a slightly crisp brioche. Whatever it was, it came stuffed with lobster and mango. It comes with either coleslaw or fries – in the case fries.

Gretchen can tell you of her own lunch. But, in the meantime, let me just say, it looked a winner – mixed leaf salad, topped with a piece of salmon.

I’d had a really nice time. Good food, good company. We really must meet more often than every six years.

(Gwenn) #2

I’m so glad you enjoyed Roberts. We always hit them for lunch when we are up in Maine.


A belated response due to my mid-coast Maine vacation. It was a lovely Caesar salad with grilled salmon and I enjoyed it almost as much as the delightful company of my dining companions. Yes, we really must make it more often than every 6 years!