Kitchen Witch, Monmouth Beach, NJ


Five of us went to the Kitchen Witch yesterday. It is a cute little place with of course lots of witches as decorations.

I had the Roast Turkey Wrap with Brei, and bacon in a Whole Wheat Wrap. The others had salads. Every serving had fresh, tasty ingredients. We all enjoyed our lunch and definitely will return.

They are open for breakfast and lunch. Parking is available in the rear.


I’ve only been there once, simply because there are so many good breakfast/lunch options closer to me, but I also thought the food was fresh. I recall VERY good sausage, in fact. Kitschy for sure, but a decent spot. Booskerdoo Coffee is across the street (hidden) and that’s when I discovered them, too!


Maybe I’m a snob, but when I see wraps on a menu it makes me less likely to check a place out. I’ve seen restaurants with innovative items switch to serving wraps at some point and it usually heralds the end. Maybe not the case with a lunch oriented shore spot, but it’s never a draw for me.


BTWs, this isn’t a slam of The Kitchen Witch…just “wraps”. They give me the creeps. Like “go-gurt” or mozzarella sticks.


I happen to prefer wraps. The sandwitches had a choice of roll, whole wheat wrap or multigrain toast. I picked the whole wheat wrap.


I’m not a wrap guy either. It’s weird. I love tacos which are similar I suppose, but I just can’t into wraps for some reason.

(Joon) #7

I was just thinking about the wrap vs burrito conundrum the other day. Burritos - one of the greatest foods on the planet. Wraps - possibly the most uncelebrated. It’s strange.


I think one reason I prefer a wrap rather than bread or a roll is that I don’t like a lot of bread. With a wrap I can enjoy the ingredients .


Maybe if we had good sourdough bread here it’d be different, but unless it’s holding a burrito together most “wraps” are, for me, the culinary equivalent of a gelatin capsule stuffed with amoxicillin, or Contact. That’s just me though, I could be wrong.

(Dan) #10
Has anyone ever tried their Friday Night dinners? We receive weekly emailed menus that consist of a 3-4 course meal for $29.95 pp. and have never made a reservation.


I’ve attended the 3-course Friday dinner twice. Both times the food was good, but nothing stands out as memorable.

(Dan) #12

Appreciate the reply. We’ll stick with the occasional lunch then.

(David) #13

I’ve been wanting to post about the Friday night candlelight dinners at MKW. They only do dinner on Fridays and the menu changes at their whim. Here is a sample menu for tomorrow night:

Soup or Salad?
Soup: Butternut Apple and Bacon Soup
Salad: Tri-color salad with toasted almonds, bacon bits, and shaved parmesan

Herb-roasted Prime Rib served with smashed roasted potatoes in brown butter and roasted french beans
Wicked Good Crab Cakes served with sweet potato mash and grilled asparagus
Stir Fry Vegetables with tofu over basmati rice and kale

Red Velvet Cake
Peppermint Patti Brownie served with ice cream

For $30 pp it’s a great deal and I’ve always enjoyed my food there. Get on their mailing list to get the weekly menu/invite.


Whew! No wraps.