Kitchen remodel

ZWell, we finally pulled the trigger on a full kitchen gut and remodel. It’s been a long time coming-7 years to be exact. We spent this morning packing up stuff (some to keep and some to sell or donate), and making a few things I need for Thanksgiving. We also worked on setting up our temporary kitchen space in the bar.

The afternoon was spent getting our appliances ordered. I knew I wanted a 36" Viking gas open burner range and that came with a “free” dishwasher. We also got a counter dept frig and a nice big under-mount stainless sink.

The hot mess of a kitchen we are getting rid of.

And the temp kitchen in progress.

Monday morning demo starts and I’ll do my best to document our progress. There is something odd about demoing the kitchen 3 days before thanksgiving!


It’s going to be great . Are you stripping the ceiling of the tounge and groove ?

The ceiling is staying. We like it and it fits the house. It will get cleaned up and repainted.

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Day 1 - Demo.

When I checked in at lunch there was a huge mess.

But I came home to a cleaned up gutted room. Only a small area of floor left for tomorrow. One of the most annoying things about the old kitchen was a giant slopping step up/down to get into the kitchen. Someone poured a silly thick layer of concrete at some point. With all that up, the contractor says the new floor should be pretty close to level with the surrounding hardwood in the adjoining rooms. We also uncovered some really ugly linoleum but apparently it’s good it was there as it protected the subfloor from the concrete mess.


No new pics, because it still looks like the above stripped down mess. However, all the details are in the works. We finalized our layout and cabinet order a week ago. The rough electrical and plumbing will be done today including new gas lines, new recessed lighting (holes) and pendants, and the old single entry pocket doors are being removed and the openings (2 of them) are being widened. So far, the experience and dealing with the contractor has been a breeze. Floor tile was ordered today and should be here in a week. Things are moving right along.


Wishing you smooth sailing through this project.

How are you surviving without a kitchen?

Thanks! We have a nice mini kitchen set up in the bar so I can’t complain!


I had a microwave and toaster oven in the pool house but ended up doing a lot of grilling on the gas grill during our remodel. Tried frozen dinners at the onset but just couldn’t do it. We ate well during the remodel.

Looks like you have thing well managed to continue to eat well

We’ve used the grill a lot.

Walls are done and the new concrete floor (for leveling) is done and drying. Floor tile is at the warehouse and should be installed next week.

Opened a new shiny bit today. I’m excited to try out the new faucet. It has a restaurant style sprayer and a regular faucet.


Should have known things were going too smooth. Hiccup number one today…I have 400sq feet of tile stacked in my kitchen ready to be installed tomorrow. Only problem is it is NOT the tile I picked out. I’ve emailed the tile guy and will have to wait for a solution, but I can’t sleep and am sure hoping there is a quick swap.

sorry :frowning:

Thanks. It seems resolved. The tile shop was great - immediately recognized that they had ordered the wrong color. They had the correct order over-nighted from San Francisco so it should be here today! I was expecting a major problem and it turned out just fine. So far this reno has been so smooth and drama free (knocks on wood).


Robin, it really did seem to be a minor problem as far as construction problems go. Easy to fix. It could always be MUCH worse. Good luck with the rest of the construction.


Hell yes!!!

Houston, we have floors!


Making progress. Floor is grouted, cabinets are mostly in, and the guys made templates for the granite on Friday. All the appliances are in the garage, but I can’t see any of them…such a tease! We still need a few more lights added and moved

This is the new pantries and coffee bar area.

And the wall for the 36" Viking.

I’m hoping they get paint, granite, and cabinets finished this week.


This should get installed this week!


It’s coming along nicely!

What are you contemplating for your first meal?

I’m thinking home made fettuccini with some truffles my folks just brought back from a truffle farm in Italy. Maybe Ina’s lemon/fennel roasted chicken and a big arugula salad.

I read the oven manual this morning and I’m really excited to start baking with the convection oven. I put some sour dough starter in my King Arthur cart so I can start learning to make bread at home.


Exciting! Especially for a new year, a new start!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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