Kitchen Istanbul, SF

Has anyone been there? A friend wants to go for her birthday. It sounds great.

Funny, I was just popping in to search for possible reviews / feedback for

I wonder if Turkish restaurants are on the rise in San Francisco?

I was thinking about buying 2 tickets to a forthcoming summer dinner, but I know nothing beyond that url. If anyone has heard anything, I’d love to know more.

It used to be Troya, and is essentially the same restaurant as it was then. You should be able to find reviews if you look for Troya (on Clement, not the one on Fillmore St , which is some sort of more “fusion-y” half-sister restaurant to it that took the name).

It’s been a while, but it was pretty good.

How did it used to be Troya if that’s still open on Fillmore? Do you mean that it’s the same owners or kitchen as Troya?

From the photos I’ve seen online, the new place on Union (a monthly pop-up in The Blue Cafe?) looks much more refined than the dishes served at Troya. The quality appears to be a step-up, but I suppose looks can be deceiving…

Because Troya had 2 branches at one point. First on Clement, then the more fusion-y place on Fillmore. Then the owners split and the one on Clement was renamed Kitchen Istanbul.

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