Kitchen Aid - from The Atlantic

It says I can gift this piece…fingers crossed. IMO, KA wants to mix and eat its cake, trumpeting the superior virtues of the original models while asserting that the modern ones are
also heirlooms to be.


Thank you - confirming gift link works!


WONDERFUL article about a wonderful piece of equipment! Thank you so much for posting it!

I wish other companies would make equipment that would continue to work for ages with relatively simple repairs!


The more they sell, the better their bottom line. They don’t care about landfill issues.

After shopping for a new dishwasher AND range in the past 2 weeks, I found out that KA is owned by Whirlpool, among other brands. The order, from cheapest-to-most-expensive, / worst-to-best is:


So KA is still the best of the lot in large appliances.

I wonder if the KA stand mixer is included amongst others of its ilk in the stand mixer category…owned by a larger conglomerate that manufactures various levels of decent-to-best stsnd mixers?

Thank you for sharing the link!

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While I love my KA Artisan (and all of the accessories I’ve acquired), I find their large appliances to be overkill and overpriced, without any of the design constraints that goes into their mixers. I think Frigidaire/Electrolux does a much better job with design simplicity and overall reliability.

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My KA mixer is stainless steel (no fancy enamel glaze) with a stainless bowl, and I love it. We bought it when we were still living in NYC with no car, from someone in the neighborhood who didn’t end up using it as much as she thought she would. Even though she wasn’t very far from us, since these were the days before Lyft/Uber we ended up schlepping it up and down subway stairs in a granny cart.


My dishwasher is a Whirlpool. It’s 12 years old, I’ve been here 10 years and use it everyday. I imagine the previous owners (of my home) used it in a similar fashion.
About 2-3 years ago, it started screaming from time to time. I assumed the motor/pump assembly was going up, so I picked up a new motor/pump assembly. I put it in the back of my pantry – ready to install when needed, but it never broke.
It still screams from time to time, but does a great job washing the dishes.