KISHUYA RAMEN & Izakaya Bar ... Hartsdale, NY

I read the review of Kishuya posted by debmom on the "why are we not talking in NY/CT thread to my husband today and was finally able to convince him to give it a try.

In spite of the dining room being almost completely full this was the most pleasant, civilized, relaxed enjoyable meal I have had out in a long time. There was an almost zen like calm that prevailed over the room and kitchen the entire time we were there. We took two seats at the empty bar, that runs the length of the kitchen. The kitchen and bar are separated by a transparent wall it was great to be able to watch the chefs at work.
The service was excellent as was the food.

I was feeling a bit off today so I didn’t get too adventurous. We both ordered the Kogashi ramen and my husband ordered the black pepper wings that debmom recommended. I tried one of the wings and it was way better than I had expected. This was a "crack " wing. Crispy, crunchy, succulent, salty, sweet, a bit spicy…just a perfect little specimen of crunch and flavor. The ramen was delicious and in spite of having felt like crap I ate most of it. I can’t wait to go back when I’m feeling better to try some of the spicier noodles. I big thank you to debmom.

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Photos look nice. Glad to hear you had a good time with your Kogashi ramen.

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@chowdom So glad you enjoyed it! Great photos too! Be sure to try the fried rice and the salads.

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Thanks for posting. I don’t love ramen but it looks good! My sister lives nearby so I’ll give her the heads up on this one.

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The Ramen does look good. Unfortunately, I don’t live nearby there. Still, it is lovely to read this review.

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Adding this to our list of places to try!

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Will do … my husband is on a quest to find a fried rice that he likes, since jade garden closed
Once again thank you for the recommendation.

Jade Garden? Where was that?

Next door to Saigonese in Hartsdale.

When I was a kid we used to go to Jade Garden on Jerome Ave in the Bronx!

Speaking of Saigonese, has anyone been there lately? I was there right after it opened. Had dried out spare ribs, a tasteless crepe dish among other things. Haven’t been back since but would like to try it again since it’s been around a while now.

Try it again. Have never had the spare ribs. Try to stick to noodle-type dishes.