Kisco River Eatery (Mt. Kisco NY)

This place wasn’t my choice but now and then I do just go along with a place that someone else chooses. (Occasionally! :slight_smile:) I didn’t love it but it was a solid “good” meal, no frills.

Apparently this place used to be the Rose Room. It’s nicely decorated inside, a bit generic looking, but nice enough for a grown ups’ night out. The crowd definitely skews older than, say, Village Social, but you actually have a chance of hearing your dining companions.

Service was very good to excellent, attentive and friendly. Food was fine. Nothing special but no bombs either. The menu is a bit all over the place like it can’t decide what it wants to be which always makes me nervous but we enjoyed the appetizers-- French onion soup for me and my husband and burrata and eggplant stack for our friends (apparently the stack is carried over from Rose Room).

Entrees were fairly priced for the portion size-- my short rib ravioli was very tasty but the short rib was basically pureed with something starchy (potato maybe?) to give it bulk so it could have been meatier. My husband liked his bouillabaisse and it was enough for two whole meals. I don’t remember what our friends got. Dessert was a very standard creme brulee, again, nothing special but nothing to complain about either.

I would not go out of my way to go back but figured I’d give it a post in case anyone was wondering!

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Thanks, Ice Cream!! A couple of people from work went there. One loved it and I never agree with her about restaurants and the other went twice - loved it once then not so much. I think if I go that direction I’ll hit Village Social. DH hates the Mt. Kisco traffic so we don’t go as often as I’d like!