Kinjo Hand roll Bar - [Sacramento, Midtown]

A new spot for raw fish, similar to (but less pricey and less up-market than) KazuNori in Los Angeles. While the fish and prep won’t be at the same level as that Sushi Nozowa offshoot, what’s on offer here is very good and a decent value for your evening out dollar.

On with the fishes!

Crab roll. The tempura crunch was fun. I love the texture.


Yellowtail. Very fresh, but the shiso leaf at the bottom made it difficult to bite through.

Salmon. Chili oil was a nice little zing.

Albacore. The fried leeks were fun! But they overdid the jalepenos.

The urchin was lovely, and the ikura was a nice salty pop, but that pile of pickled wasabi… man.

Finally, I get to try wagu. I get it. The best sushi has that quality where it hits your mouth, sort of melts into flavor, and then vanishes. This is just like that, but instead of fish, it’s steak. Torched on a grate over coals and tucked in a little seaweed taco. But again with the pickled wasabi. Next time I shall discreetly remove some.

The good: Not bad QPR, tasty fish, fun presentation
The less good: heavy handed with the wasabi, the restaurant is all hard surfaces and uncommonly loud.

We’ll probably go back. Call it a solid 7.5 out of 10


It was pointed out to me on FTC that, in fact, Kinjo is actually pricier than KazuNori. This doesn’t take away from the value of Kinjo, to my mind, but DOES considerably up the really GREAT value of KazuNori.

The minuses of KazuNori are that it’s in downtown L.A. which is just a hassle if you’re not going to be there anyway, and the inevitable wait (people line up an hour before opening). But if you are in the area, and you can stand the wait, those are some yummy handrolls.

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Nice! Two Sacramento mentions on HO in one week! This is the other one.

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We went to Kinjo last night based on your recommendation and our family left happy. The presentation of the rolls was not as elegant as your photos as ours all arrived enclosed in seaweed, but we were satisfied with the taste and the value was acceptable. We also enjoyed their takoyaki. My wife ordered pork belly fries, which made me question if she’d been abducted by aliens. She almost never eats anything unhealthy.


Pork belly and fries are both healthy

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I fully agree.

Might need to try those next visit.

Btw- if you (or others like @shrinkrap ) are localish to Sac it’s worth occasionally stopping by r/Sacramento and r/sacramentoFoodies on Reddit.

That’s where I heard about Kinjo, and the foodies subreddit is slowly turning into a list of reliable better-than-average spots around town and throughout many of the outlying areas, as far as Vacaville and Davis and even out to places in Placer, Amador, etc.


Wait, they don’t tell you if you’re getting temaki, maki, or an open-style temaki that is all trendy right now? They’re so different it seems weird that I wouldn’t know what I’m ordering.

Family in Amador sent me a link for this place - said they’d enjoyed it.