King Ranch Texas Kitchen - Houston

I checked out King Ranch Texas Kitchen, the newest restaurant in the Fertitta/Landrys portfolio. As you all know, Landry’s restaurants are often hit and miss. We were pleasantly surprised here.

First of all, it’s a freestanding restaurant in the heart of uptown on the corner of San Felipe and Post Oak. Amazingly, it has ample surface parking on either side of the restaurant and no valet.

It’s a very large restaurant with some outdoor seating in the front. Also in the front under a covered porch you’ll find lots of King Ranch merchandise for sale. Inside, it is dark and full of red banquet type seating as well as table tops, and Texas kitsch all over the walls of course.

The food was very good, we shared a smoked brisket queso. I had the lunch special of the day, chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes. He had lunch special sirloin, medium rare with green beans. We ended with a really good mango margarita pie. Everything was super flavorful and seasoned well. For some reason though, the presentation on the plate is haphazard as you can see. Maybe it’s supposed to look like Cooky put it on your plate fireside.

I will definitely go back. We were trying to puzzle out the King Ranch brand, and thank you Google, it apparently is a depiction of a snake found on the property.


Was King Ranch casserole on the menu?

Of course! :crown::cow2::shallow_pan_of_food:

But I was told it’s nothing special.