King Kabab and Curry in [Rahway, NJ]

Best Pakistani restaurant I’ve tried so far in NJ. There aren’t many Pakistani restaurants to be found in NJ. There’s Shezan, Lal Hutt, Zaika in Edison. New Masala Grill in New Colonia, a few Halal Butchers that double as Pakistani take-away such as Ravi Naan Kabab, and now King Kabab and Curry in Rahway, recently opened.

I had a long chat with the owner about the restaurant, and the state of Pakistani food in NJ. He gave me a sample of the beef nihari, which is normally a weekend special. He said today, they made a large order of it because a customer ordered it special. It was pure comfort food, rich, delicious, spicy, melt in your mouth, unlike many other versions I’ve tried in the past.

Would love to return here to try out many of the weekend specials, with dishes that are hard to find otherwise around.

"All hail the king. King Kabab and Curry is a full service Indian and Pakistani restaurant, with an incredibly nuanced and talented chef from Lahore.

Specializing in tandoori and traditional Pakistani dishes, you simply won’t find this kind of quality and attention to detail at other restaurants in the area.

Everything is made-to-order, ingredients are scrutinizingly chosen for peak freshness and to avoid cutting corners. Popular orders are their chicken tikki kababs, but there are many dishes on the menu sorted by regional specialty as well. Whether it be their Lahori-style fish, chapli kebabs Peshawari-style, or the fiery karahi.

The weekend specials bring out the best to offer in the kitchen. Many of these dishes are often difficult to prepare, and when they’re done right, in the hands of the right chef, are incredibly rewarding.

The Kashmiri harees, cousin of the haleem, is made with wheat, is enough food for 2-3, and is complex and aromatic. The beef nihari is pure comfort food, suave, and a flavor bomb, meant to be soaked up with naan.

Plus, the owner is relatable, he has years of experience, both as a restaurateur and as a frequent restaurant diner. He’s familiar with the landscape of Pakistani / Indian food in NJ, and cares about leaving a long-lasting, good impression on customers."
944 st George ave Rahway NJ 07065


Wow, when I retire I’m going to follow you around. Just don’t put a warrant out for me :smile:

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Is it just possible that the last 6 paragraphs were written by the restaurant owner?

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Yes—looks like @goodparmesan was quoting directly from their website.

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It’s from a Yelp review. Are you Brendan B @goodparmesan? Sorry if I’m blowing your cover! :smiley:

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Yep. No worries, all good. That’s me. Should’ve said it was my review in quotes.

Written by me. I should’ve added that it was my review, posted on yelp/google yesterday. The review doesn’t mention the ambience of staticy country radio… or the wall of art… Four individual portraits great people of the world, Ghandi, Lincoln, and two I didn’t recognize.

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Returned today to try out their weekend special: lamb shank nihari and some naan. Divine


That Nihari looks delicious!

There’s still some good Pakistani food in both Manhattan and Queens, though some places have been switched to Bangladeshi (Muslim) owners over the past few years - different spin. I’m surprised there isn’t more in NJ.

Not Pakistani, but I had a great meal from Biryani Adda at the Desi Galaxy strip mall in Somerset - looks like the owner just opened a full blown restaurant in Franklin. Hyderabadi Muslim food - the biryani and whatever saalan (gravy dish) she recommended were very good.

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Sorry, pet peeve - GAndHi :grimacing:

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I’m with you there, bro.

I’ve always wanted to piss while looking at The Duke.