Kim's Cafe--Vietnamese in Albany

I stopped in at Kim’s Cafe on Solano in Albany for the first time in ages, looking for a bahn mi. I found that they’ve greatly expanded their menu to include vermicelli or rice bowls, salads and soups, and a variety of spring rolls. The bowls looked great at other tables, and my pork and pate bahn mi was excellent, made with Acme rustic baguette instead of those softer rolls you get at other bahn mi places.Dirt cheap, with the 9-inch bahn mi at $6.50 (6-inch versions were $4.00), and none of the other dishes were over $9.00. It quickly filled up with high school students while I was there, say around 1:15.

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How do you like the banh mis in the Acme baguette versus one with rice flour?

Is rice flour the ingredient in most bahn mi rolls? I prefer the Acme, with the chewy crust.

Usually a bit of rice flour is added to wheat flour to make the banh mi baguette with the fluffy texture.

Since banh mi is a cross between Vietnamese and French sandwiches, the version at Kim’s would seems to me more French versus other banh mi shops.

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