Kimball Farm [Westford MA]

I’d forgotten that Spring Onion and I paid a visit to Kimball Farm the day after Labor Day, before school started. The sunny day brought out lots of people. The overworked young woman at the mini golf counter was very nice to us and advised us to golf NOW before it got really crazy (we probably showed up around 11 am). And then afterwards, we decided we’d better get in the food line because it was already quite long by noon. And we waited a long time. Beverages helped. The grilled cheese was surprisingly well-prepared and SO approved of his hot dog. The only time I’ve ever eaten at Kimball was for company outings. Every time we have gone as a family, I stare with envy at the piled high plates of fried seafood. And then shake my head “easy, Tex.”


Great to hear that you and SO enjoyed. Kids love the Westford location!

If you’re ever in the mood for Kimball’s ice cream minus the big crowd, their much smaller ice cream stand near Carlisle Center is a pleasant spot. No grill or activities there so it’s less busy.

Note: On weekends even Carlisle can get busy in relative terms, but we observe that at least some of the cars in the lot might have been parked by folks taking a bike ride? We’ve never been able to figure it out but if the lot is packed there never seem to be as many people getting ice cream as the number of cars would suggest.


LOL, we had a few company outings here in the early days of work with my current employer (pre-acquisition) and was always pleasantly surprised with the food. My employer was generous enough to treat us to the seafood boil plate so we got steamers, lobster, etc. and of course ice-cream! It was always a good time. Those are but a distant memory, as current employer was like “lobster? no” and then pandemic has done away with summer outing period.

That hotdog looks pretty good and pretty big! Almost like Costco sized.