Killen's S&P Blend - Houston

I’m putting this here because as far as I know, it’s only available here.

I can recommend Killen’s S&P Blend, found at Bunker Hill HEB and other large HEBs. Not cheap, it’s $8.99, but lasts a long time.

I’ve put it on everything, steak, chicken wings, popcorn, pierogis and onions. I really like the course ground pepper and salt level. I sent some to a friend in Connecticut and now her friends want some.

Lambsy, my darling, you know I love you dearly.

But listen to what I’m telling you:

It’s Salt and Pepper.

It claims to be Tellicherry Peppercorns, and I’m sure it is, and Kosher Salt, and I’m sure it is, but don’t you already have both of those things in your kitchen?

And if you really need to give Ronnie more money, go to STQ. I haven’t been yet and need a report from someone I trust!

Biting sarcasm. Yelling: I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU, DOOBS.

Lambsy for mayor, or city council, or school board. She’s got my vote.

I can’t explain it, it’s one stop seasoning. I just used it in my tuna salad sandwich. The grind is big, and I don’t have those peppercorns elsewhere in my pantry. Hangs head and leaves with a tear drop strategically placed for maximum effect.


Well then let’s just say that I use the deconstructed version pretty much daily.


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I shook it on my canned clam chowder from Spec’s last night. How low can I go?

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Ask jcostiones I love course pepper and the courser the better. I’ll be looking for it Lambsy.

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She says it’s at hubby’s HEB.

Make him go pick it up for ya’! :wink:

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Wifeacita just returned from MY HEB empty handed. Where is it located?

It was on an end cap along with his BBQ seasoning. Big display.

What part of the store? She really wants this stuff.

Middle aisle, about midway I think? Tell her to ask someone!

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I’ll look manana, thanks.

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Score, I found it just where you said it is although I walked right by it and had to do a U-turn. I like it and most importantly the Wifeacita really likes it.


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Well let’s see … Tellicherry peppercorns are $3.45 FOR 1.1 OZ @ Penzey’s. Ach!

I haven’t had 'em in my pantry for a few years - just never get up to Penzey’s or just about anywhere in the Hgts. Been buying spices etc. at Phoenicia, it’s a more fun trip. Does Phoenicia have Tellicherry?

I think I’ll save my money and pay my homage to Saint Ronnie at one of his restaurants.

This is .92/ounce and mostly the pepper. Penzy’s is expensive.

I don’t think so. I get mine at Costco. 14oz for about $7, I think.

And Lambsy, by weight, I’ll bet that’s mostly salt, but “Yeah, Penzey’s is pricey”.

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I first learned of Tellicherry peppercorns back in the 70s in a book by Roy Andres de Groot that had a very good section on ingredients. Back then you could get them at Safeway! At least they were labeled Tellicherry, in their Crown Colony line. After Safeway left the market I never saw them again until I saw them at Penzey’s. I’ve bought them before, just not in a while. I’ve never checked to see if Randall’s carries the Safeway Crown Colony line.

I have a friend who has promised to take me to Costco on one of his shopping trips; I’ll look forward to getting some.

I guarantee you it’s mostly pepper.

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