Kiku Apples - Where have you been?

I was walking through Whole Foods trying to find a new sweet for my evening snack. I saw a bin of kiku apples and decided to give them a try.

What a find!!!

These apples are the sweetest gems I have ever tasted. They are even sweeter than Fujis.

You gotta try

They are almost too sweet for my taste (almost). The first time I saw them in the markets in Washington was three or four years ago. They start showing up very late in the season and really are very sweet and crunchy. My husband likes them even more than honey crisps which are my favorites. Last years kiku crop was rather tart. I think they might have been picked too early. We were happy when we found the ones this year to be as good as ever.

Apparently a sport from the Fuji, with most apples being grown in Italy.

(Source: Google, various)

One of the best new varieties out there. If you see some also try Junami – same flavor profile but a bit more tart at the finish.

If you prefer yellow varieties look for Opal – everything a Golden Delicious promises to be but usually isn’t.

Mine come from Wenatchee Washington. A few hundred miles up the river from me. They also grow Kanzi apples which I have seen in the markets this year which are also very good.

(Source: my local produce market,, info also available via google)

I make my apple pie with them and Gala. I tried Macoun and didn’t like it at all.

My Honeycrisp I save for eating, a piece at a time. I never know if I’m not going to find them anymore, and I’m addicted to them.

We’ve come a long way from the disgusting Red Delicious (still disgusting) of my childhood.

Made two pies with Macon and Galas last week. really liked the combo.