"Kid" foods you still like as an adult (sort of guilty pleasure)

I thought about this as I sit here eating a package of animal crackers and watching my co-workers consume mini-cupcakes with “unicorn” frosting so sweet that it makes your teeth tingle. What are foods that you’d think only kids would eat/like that you still enjoy as an adult?

Once a year or so I crave canned Chef Boy Ardee ravioli and I sometimes eat them out of the can cold. Very satisfying on those occasions. I guess next would be a dreamsicle or fudgesicle rarely. I don’t mind Campbell’s tomato soup once in awhile either. That’s about it I think.


Bologna and dill pickle sandwiches on white bread with mayonnaise. When I ordered it recently at the Sausalito Mollie Stone’s, the deli ladies cracked up.


Hoowee, this is deep. I was brought up in a diet conscious family. Only natural sugar, i.e, fruit. So far so good. I have a zero sweet tooth, We were also fairly lo-carb. This struck my internal cord. Today I love pasta, potatoes, bread. Little interest in meat since that was my daily fare. And I LOVE avocados which were the quintessential forbidden fruit.

We each have such unique food history.

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Bologna sandwiches.


Kraft mac n cheese with peas and cut-up hot dogs.


My older sister was a finicky eater. Her standby, Kraft mac and cheese. She often invited a neighbor to join her for dinner, Finally, this friend said, “I’ll come for dinner but we have to have something other than Kraft Dinner and canned peas.” To each his own…

She wouldn’t have touched a hot dog with a 10 foot pole.

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Popsicles. Mallomars!

I’ve put an adult spin but I have enjoyed these since I could chew!
tuna sandwiches with relish in the mayo spread and potato chips on top btwn the bread.
cinnamon toast

rice krispie bars
black string licorice


I don’t think I ever gave up some kid “foods” (food being a very much subjective term as it relates to my list):

Wyler Ice-Bars (slightly fancier than Flavor Ice, but I’ll eat Flavor Ice too) - perfect for this weekend when it’ll hit almost 100F! Barely qualifies as food.
Peanut Butter Jelly & Peanut Butter + Fluff sandwiches
Campbell Soup’s Chicken & Stars – only chicken & stars though – any other variety won’t do
Toast with butter and sweetened condensed milk (it’s a Chinese/HK thing)
Ovaltine with sweetened condensed milk too
Booberry cereal - not as good as it used to be, but still a once in a year craving (I also like saying booberry)
Premade/pre-formed hash browns (like Micky D’s)



Cheddar Goldfish crackers.
Graham crackers

I always loved getting my own box of animal crackers as a kid. The little box with the string handle. Tonight I’m baking lime bars, and the base is animal crackers. Luckily, they are in 8 oz. bags, and I had to buy two bags because I need 10 oz. of cookies.

They won’t be in the cute box, but that won’t deter me from finishing off the extra six oz of them!


Have you seen the new animal crackers box? The animals have been freed from their cages!



Why is milk a kids food ?

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Uh, Because mammals produce it to feed their babies. Nature’s original ‘kid food’ :slight_smile:

That’s true but it doesn’t also make it bad for adults

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I’m not sure whether this counts as “kid food”, but Mom used to make Lipton chicken noodle soup, from the dry mix, when we were sick. Yesterday I found myself with the worst cold in years, and I feverishly went down to the supermarket and got some packages of the soup. It was just as I remembered, light and simple.


Not bad but odd. I eat tons of cheese and yogurt, put milk in my coffee every morning, but drinking a glass of milk seems weird anymore.


Cold milk on a hot day like today is really refreshing or a hot milk with honey shortly before you go to bed

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I’d envisioned “kid food” as things that foods you imagine kids eating but adults “outgrowing”, like freezer ice pops (the ones with no real juice), extremely sour candy, etc.