KFC closes 750 outlets - due to no chicken

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DHL must be real cheap compared to Bidvest that KFC can accept closing stores for the transition.

Now the employees are penalised.


They didn’t resolve the problem yet? That is nearly 1 week now FCK!

I would like to think that they are doing their best to deal with the situation. The ad worked for me. I don’t like KFC personally, but I appreciate their risk taking with the ad and think it is brilliant that they incorporated humor as a way to deal with the debacle… damage control!
What DHL does or doesn’t do is out of their control and publicly bashing them is legally dangerous territory, their backs apparently are up against a wall at this point and everyone knows it … this is a complicated mess with no immediate fix

Chicken suppliers forced to sell returned KFC chicken in bargain price. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/kfc-chicken-shortage-latest-factory-1-pound-sale-excess-produce-lincolnshire-a8228636.html